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Our Story

The El Sereno Land Trust was also created out of concern of the growing housing crisis, homelessness and overall gentrification that was taking over Northeast LA residential communities. Residents and stakeholders of the Eastside Cafe and United Caltrans Tenants saw a need to reclaim and secure land that would intentionally be passed on to the next 7 generations.

Our Mission

The El Sereno Community Land Trust is a group of committed residents and stakeholders who provide opportunities for the residents of El Sereno, Los Angeles to secure community spaces and housing that is decent, affordable, and that is held in stewardship by community members on a long-term basis. We are dedicated to de-commodifying local real estate by acquiring properties that will be held by the land trust in perpetuity for the common good. We also plan to work with residential and commercial tenants that wish to stay in their homes and businesses to help preserve the networks, support systems, cultural and social fabric of our community.

Our Vision

We seek to protect the social fabric of the El Sereno community and resist communal deterioration caused by speculation, neocolonial displacement and capitalist individualization. We foresee reclamation of the land for the community in order to foster autonomy, sustainability and self-sufficiency. We foster the type of community development that preserves, empowers, de-commodifies and decolonizes the community and land. We intend to serve the community by respecting and strengthening our ancestral indigenous principles and establishing relationships with the original peoples of this land, the Tongva and Chumash nations. We are committed to reclaiming and rehabilitating land in order to improve our quality of life.

Community Reclamation Coalition

The Community Reclamation Coalition is a project of the El Sereno Community Land Trust. The CRC is a gathering of several community partners and other Land Trusts who coalesced to acquire and manage affordable housing and land in El Sereno, Los Angeles.


– United Caltrans Tenants
– Reclaiming Our Homes
– Academia Semillas del Pueblo
– San Gabriel Valley Habitat for Humanity
– Little Tokyo Service Center
– East Los Angeles Community Corporation
– Metabolic Studio
– Los Angeles CLT Coalition
– Esperanza Community Housing
– Fideicomiso Comunitario Tierra Libre
– Trust South LA

Our Principles

– We believe that the present social-economic system has never provided the needs of the poor and people of color

– To achieve autonomous sustainability of our work and freedom from the constraints of the non-profit industrial complex and the reliance on philanthropist agendas

– We believing in develop relationships and respecting the indigenous people of these lands

РAlthough we a have non-profit status number, We depend on community to guide us and act as a tool for people’s liberation

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